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Faith Yakubu
Friday 6 October 2023


I knew it was never going to end the way we wanted but why does reality hurts this bad

the thought of you sharing what we had with someone else is slowing tearing me apart, how can I let you go

I never stopped loving you, I thought I did but it all went into hiding and now it came back with a strong force

I'm trying not to cry but I can't help it, you're close but yet still far away

our hearts no longer communicate, everything has gone cold

The thought of our story ending drives me into a dark spot

How does one control the heart? How do we tell it what to feel and what not to feel

I thought we had something beautiful but it turns out that it was all just a mirage

I should never have felt what I felt for him, hearing him say he has never missed me broke my heart into a million pieces

Here is someone I thought felt the butterflies I feel whenever we're around each other

what hurts the most is that he keeps making me feel comfortable and cared for whenever we speak.. how cruel can he be

Why make me fall in love with you when you were only going to leave me hanging





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