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Biography: Media Personal/Humaniatarian/A writer, poet/Editor. Food vendor, social media influencer, digital marketer

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Ezra Bature
Saturday 30 September 2023


A giant of the globe..

Full of cultural heritage abound..

With folklores and folktales...

With folk songs and folk dance..

A Nation affable, that flourished with melodious voice accord..

Pushiness to the occupant of the land..

The crowd crown the king to guide..

An ageing but elegance with fortitude.

A giant of the globe 

Whose valour vanquish narcissism and enthuse patriotism..

A giant of the globe..

The pride of Africa...

The race of the renown...

Where heroes were immortalized..

Where God dwells with signs and wonders..

A giant of the globe..

A country which command legions to commune in a religious harmony..

Where heroes past built bridges of visions.. 

A giant of the globe..

Where kindergarten becomes mandarin..

Where soldiers roar rackle terrorists..

Where corruption and poverty stand not.

Where unity grasp its potency..

Where nepotism is abolish...

Where tribalism is vanquish..

Where mortals motile with sensation..

Where peace and unity abound..

A giant of the globe..

Where journalists are the backbone of the government, 

Where gratification or brown envelope ceased like Julius Caesar..

Where media meet the need of masses..

Where banditry, kidnapping and terrorism is exile to extinction..

A giant of the globe

Where the pasture is greener..

Where the deteriorating economy we pray to cease...

A giant of the globe..

A country called Nigeria..

A country blessed with grand canyon..

A country garnish with splendor ..

A country sovereign in harmony..

A giant of the globe...

A country birth with blessings abundance..

A country called Nigeria..

A giant of the universe..


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