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Olukemi Omoyeni
Thursday 22 September 2022

Marriage drama and its many genres - a duet

I chose you my lover,

In the middle of a tirade

A disquisition on the lot of women of the world,

In my pool of hopelessness but With a myriad of hope,

A hope for difference.

Under the shimmering stare of the whole world,

We became bound in nuptials,

A world of drama and its many genres,

Where I’m treated second class in all,

By your mother and families,

In scoffs and scorns,

But you are still without defense,

You looked out for a dense woman

by your description of “wife material”,

You rubbed your own scorn right on me

And when I flinch, you say I’m no wife material.

A bit of being humbled by the privileges

The privileges the society granted your gender,

Until the reinment of kingship worn on you by our peers is torn

And you become a bit of husband and father,

You are only an eve away from our home.



Among suitors you chose me

I desired your love tenderly

You showed me strong affection

I promised to love and protect you

Yes, we were happy just as we planned

But oh, the burden of husbandhood is heavy

It seems our path is now murky

I barely can have peace of mind

Problem has marred my joy

Certainly, I cherish my mother

My siblings, my only family

They never hate you at all

But, obedience is the root of my tradition,

My family, you must revere

Just as you love me, adore them

That is the tradition of our dear Africa

My utterance was made under frustration

I should now present my sobriety

Support me and I shall prosper

Nag me not, and I shall blossom

I do not hate you, let’s make peace

You explain with bitterness

You paint me as evil

Let me love you, I implore

I'm tired of fighting

Take back my luggage and let's amend

My darling, my wife.


Help me increase the heat of love, 

That we may turn this hell to heaven.

It takes two to twine,
Repentance from you,
Forgiveness from me,
And our home becomes a replica of heaven again.


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