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Biography: Love art mainly poetry and dance

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Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

Life in medical school

Year 1

What if I swim in the pool of your fragrance

In the presence of all the audience

Till I no longer have balance

2nd Mb

What if it was a mistake giving you an entrance 

Anyway Shaa, I need the experience 

So that I can finally get the licence

As I walk with all radiance 

3rd Mb 

Finally, I can expose all my elegance

Do all I can now at my own convenience 

As far as I am in check with my attendance

4th Mb

Just a little consistence 

But what is really the essence 

Cause I am really loosing my patience 

5th Mb 

Finally, I will be done with this nuisance 

I mean just a little obedience 

And there will be a change in the sentence



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