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james agada
Tuesday 2 February 2021

Happiness is a moment's job

You can hear the two little fairies on your shoulder

One with his cape and timbre

Skipping the ropes in rhythm with your pulse

Pointing out the laughter before you miss them

Picking up the stones after they hit you.

You ask him what is so funny

And he points to everything

And says the sun is shining

And laughs again.

In a moment 

You laugh with him,

And he laughs even more

His skipping adding zest to your step

And now your smile adds to his and makes a shield 

That catches the stones before they hit you. 

His magic wand draws sparkles in the air

Burning off the putrefaction before you breathe.

He waves the wands around and about

Cindering the mud before they stick to your jacket,

Patching the holes before they fray. 

You want to dance to his impish tune

Even though you can’t hear the beat.

When you ask him for his fee

He looks at you in wonder,

Happiness, he says, is a moment's job. 



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