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Clinton Nwanegbo
Friday 11 November 2022

The Author's Pen

If I wrote life

I would correct my mistakes

But I’d still make them

Who cares, I’m still the one in charge


If I wrote life

I would change a lot of things

Maybe make some of my dreams real

Erase the ones that hurt me most

I’ll make everyone love me

I would kill the ones that don’t


I just keep writing

Writing other people’s life

I would be in charge

They’ll be no stress

If I don’t like you

 I promise you’ll be dead

My imaginations could be risky

Well I’m too scared to say the things I want

Maybe it’s because I’m scared of the ones I’ll hurt

But if I wrote life they’ll be no-one to hurt


If I wrote life,

I wont be really scared of decisions

I doing somethings, just puts me in confusions

I wont be locked in my room going through depressions


If I wrote life

If I wrote my life

I know my life would be great

My life would be really great

But if I write their lives, others lives

I don’t know, how is it going to be?

I know I’ll try to please everyone

That’s to much work

I guess I’ll drop the authors pen

I guess I’ll let it be

Because, if I’m in charge for a day

I’m guessing total world apocalypse        



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