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Monday 11 April 2022

My Roof, My Rules

You once built me a castle

After the model of Windsor

But you gave me no rooms

Or bed on the shiny hardwood floors

You won’t let me be me

Or make me feel myself, Adaugo

Zipper fasteners, and undressing my pants

The pleasure of your embarrassments

The awkward moments in front of my colleagues

The taste of tears on my cheeks

A grin result of obedience

It’s your roof, your rules

Sadistic tendencies, love and affection?

Hidden in a sort of treasure hunt

Don’t search, all you’d find is abandonment and abuse

A violent sociopath, a control freak

One who held the title of Idi Amin

Instilling fluttering fear, and laid some ridiculous ground rules

With no empathy for his victim, the man or the woman

Will the resentments ever die

Hours of torture that went on for days

While I endure pain, and barnish the memories

The punches, the kicks, the smack on my face

You told me you were joking

And that it was between you and me

Or a way to enforce your rules

So long as I’m under your roof

Warped minds, filthy intentions

Showing teeth in anger, so vile and horrid

While barking and snarling orders like a dog

Rules mighty, roof toxic

Terror reign, a tyrant spouse, partners are victims

The calls for salvation descending

Your cry fainting, breath fading

Now you know you’re in a clash

Fist clenched and high

You know you’ve met your match

A group of adult boys, a bevy of ladies, a talon of a bird of prey

You know you’d be gone someday

But had rather not die today

All to live for and ever stay

Under my roof, my fadeless rules, you resilient

Why take residence, you’re home alone

With a sadist archer, with fiery arrows

Words like keys in hand

Freedom is a gate I can’t defend

Daggers to the heart, it’s just a start

Double edge blades, stab, pierce

To fatal attraction, another to fatality

Chapter on chapter, just follow

It’s all well noted, the utter shatter

Love, abusive friend with black eyes

And the picking up again

For I thought I was winning

It’s was supposed to be the last inning

I’ve found the keys

And everything that’s being missing

My soft heart trusting

My stupid mind thinking

That things would change here hither to

This may be the beginning before the end

Me tucked in bed, frozen in fear, safely hurting

Silenced, and admitting that it’s all coming back

Under this roof, these rules, no retort

In offerings of flower, it's all a decoy

These are my trophy, my crowns

And these too are flowers in my bouquet

But I’d make you feel like a lifeless objects

Empty threats, trepidation and hollowed nights

Ugh! The suffering, the violence

Smattering together

Like applause, it keeps growing

And on repeat, like a chorus

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m cursed

My sweaty palms, I should loose myself

What must I offer in recompense

Our love child dead in my womb

And we sitting moron in this mire of blood

Longer than necessary, naked and vulnerable

Wet, aching, crutched with broken limbs

Nothing is enough to erase these scars of my skin

The trauma, the hostility, and all molestations

I’d rather not continue

Enduring, under your roof, by your rules.

© uhurupoems2022™


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