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Biography: Am a young poet who has great dreams of becoming one of the greatest poets alive. At age 9 i have written over 50 poems and have written two books Though Poetry doesn't thrive in Nigeria, but i pray a time will come where my talents shall be awarded and celebrated i still remain #debar

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Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

Monday by de bar


Monday, the gateway to a brand-new week,

When the dawn awakens, as slumber we seek.

The alarm clock rings, jolting us awake,

With a mixture of groans and coffee to take.


The weekend's warmth still lingers in our hearts,

Yet Monday calls, duty imparts.

We rise from our beds, minds still in a haze,

Facing the day, with its myriad of ways.


The streets come alive with a bustling sound,

As people rush, their destinations bound.

The Monday commute, a symphony of motion,

In crowded trains and endless commotion.


Offices awaken, doors unlocked wide,

As workers gather, their tasks to abide.

The Monday meetings, the plans to devise,

In boardrooms adorned, where ideas arise.


The week unfolds, a blank canvas anew,

Opportunities await, dreams to pursue.

Monday is the canvas, where ambitions ignite,

A chance to conquer, to reach new heights.


Through spreadsheets and emails, the day marches on,

The workload grows, like a marathon.

But Monday is resilient, a steadfast friend,

It reminds us that effort can lead to transcend.


Lunch breaks bring respite, a chance to unwind,

To nourish the body and refresh the mind.

Conversations flow, laughter fills the air,

A brief reprieve from the Monday affair.


As the clock strikes five, the day draws to a close,

Monday's grip loosens, as evening bestows.

The journey home, a sigh of relief,

A respite from Monday's demanding belief.


But Monday is not just a day of toil,

It's an opportunity to grow and uncoil.

To set the tone for the week ahead,

With determination, not with dread.


So let us embrace Monday's embrace,

With a mindset of possibility, we'll embrace.

For in this day, we find a fresh start,

A chance to ignite the fire within our heart.


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