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Abubakar ibrahim
Tuesday 28 July 2020

Doma’s Call

She was wounded by flattery words of men,

Men who promised her joy of good governance,

Developments and the welfare of her helpless children.

But now she seeks true love; a man of substance

A lover who has pledged to our queen mother,

To battle falsehood,

Feed her children when they hunger,

And to bring back the days of patriotism.

This is the call of our queen mother Doma,

Make her blossom again with true love.

The sun cast a mournful stare at the earth, 

Leaves shake and wail at winds birth, 

The moon rose black beyond fold, 

Fire cavorts, laughter fell dead

We bought the cap and sold our head, 

The masquerade's dance is a covered in flame, 

Darkness crept through our roofless home and took our light, 

Our leaders are in slumber (Readers that act like Leaders): what a night!