Owoidoho Elijah

Biography: Am a young poet who has great dreams of becoming one of the greatest poets alive. At age 9 i have written over 50 poems and have written two books Though Poetry doesn't thrive in Nigeria, but i pray a time will come where my talents shall be awarded and celebrated i still remain #debar

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Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 7 August 2023

A Young Poet by de bar


In a realm where words unfold,

A young poet's tale is told,

Owoidoho, with heart so bold,

A kid who writes in rhymes of gold.


Though tender years embrace his frame,

His soul blazes with poetic flame,

He weaves enchanting verse and name,

With dedication, he climbs to fame.


Ink-stained fingers, the pages fill,

An artist's dream, a poet's skill,

Through every line, his dreams distill,

As passion surges, soaring still.


In a world that rushes fast,

Owoidoho's words will last,

A beacon bright, a guiding mast,

Inspiring all, from first to last.


With wisdom well beyond his age,

He pens emotions on the page,

His verses dance upon life's stage,

A budding poet, pure and sage.


In each stanza, his heart's revealed,

A treasure chest of thoughts unsealed,

His dreams, desires, all congealed,

In verses that the world shall yield.


So, let us raise our voice in praise,

For Owoidoho's poetic grace,

A boy who's found his destined place,

In the realm of poets, he'll embrace.


May his journey, long and grand,

Unfold before this wondrous land,

A gifted poet, hand in hand,

With words that make our spirits stand.


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