Omotayo Fatunbi

Biography: I am just a lover of nature, art, a scavenger roaming the earth in search of good painting, sculpture, music, movie, poetry; and I try as much as possible to add mine for others like me to pick up. Life is too short to achieve all my big heart wishes to, but I just want to make my little contribution before death claims me.

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Omotayo Fatunbi
Thursday 23 February 2023

A sight of scenic beauty

Searchingly the rising sun peers

Tearing through the curtain

Consciously and supposedly shy to behold the face of the mountain

Her reflection upon the calm surface of the water let out a smile

Like the distance between us is but a quarter of a mile

Enticingly she winks

Can’t hold her hurting gaze

So, constantly I blink

Fishes swim with glee

Time of the day when from their nests the birds want to flee

Trees in a rendezvous respond to the sound of the canary

Mouth agape in amazement as I watch the scenery.

© Fatunbi Omotayo


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