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Biography: A creative writer and a magician of words. I conjure magic when my pen kisses the jaw of my paper.

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Daniel Chineye
Wednesday 29 April 2020

Rise Again

Embarrassed by the arms death,

I bled out every drop of hope I had left,

The waves of pain drowned the ripples of joy I had,

Wave after wave, it marched, flooding me with sorrows unimagined,

Life became a reincarnation of hell,

Scared heart, bleeding soul,

But no one to tell.

Locked in a cell created by my own hands,

I became a stranger to myself.

I was in a maze were darkness reigned undisputedly as king,

For daily directions, I had to fight,

Blows and bruises, monuments of untold battles,

I had to be my own hero,

At least that’s who I saw when I gazed at my mirror

Through the furnace of pain and the ashes of despair,

I forged ribs clothed in steel

Glowing red, flaming soul

I was ready to put pain to her own sword

To drag her down the path she took me

To give her a tour of her own house

I was now ready to rise above the stars

To flaunt my light so bright that my flaws become invisible

To parade the street of victory

To showcase my inner beauty with my scars as decorations

 I was ready to be me

Not weakened by the grasps of despair but strengthened

Strengthened to rise again







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