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Biography: I'm Ayanda Anjolaoluwa Philip. I'm a motivational and prolific writer, a composer, a poet and a speaker. My write-ups are often published on my page: where I reach people across the world with my inspiring pen. You can contact me through WhatsApp/Call: +2348169160489, +2348149585269; emails:,,,,

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Anjolaoluwa Philip Ayanda
Tuesday 29 June 2021


Smile when things are wrong;
Smile when a song of joy is difficult for your tongue;
Smile, the challenges won't be long;
Smile- this is your song.

Smile when things are not new;
Smile when life's unfair to you;
Smile and take this clue:
Behold, all things are now new!

Smile when it's hard for you to smile;
Smile and don't let your tears be River Nile;
Smile even if you're walking in a labyrinthine mile;
Smile and keep the smile!

Smile when things are really hard;
Smile when you don't have financial card.

Smile when you can no longer cope;
Smile when it seems there's no hope-
Don't hang yourself in the rope:
Smile, there's still hope!


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