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Biography: Tanimonure Richards Adewale is a poet from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, the homeland of the great poet, Wole Soyinka. He is a two times top 20 finalist of the BPPC Poetry contest in the year 2022. He has been published in anthologies such as Healing Hands, Beauty Of Failures, A Country Of Broken Boys and many more. He is a Teacher and Home Parent at Thames Valley College, Likosi-Sagamu, Ogun State. He can be reached on 234 913 080 5564 or

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Richards Tanimonure
Tuesday 24 October 2023



one day,

we flew the white teeth

of a john and jesus 

as a big bright broom

of a changing sky. 

we galloped a trust

neighing a very fat joy

of the music of our hearts.

we galloped onwards,

hippity hippity hop,

music playing non stop

but then, a face began to peek;

little by little it began to speak

a tongue alien to our joys,

a tongue that our eyes thought

were words playing tease

of fear and much unease. 

we were given 

the beats of a great saviour 

to dance as salvation groove.

"be born again of an umbrella 's failures

for a heaven of 'change' good."

alas! the tongue we began to see

started galloping in intensity

the fears and unease we kicked

as a prank of an unserious tease. 

wild fires leapt and climbed higher

mad raze, callous burn of a land.

and we searched for the forerunner

his naked tongue of our plight.

we searched for the forerunner

who baptized us with lies and cries. 

we searched for his naked tongue;

we are still searching with deepest curse. 

one day

the wild fires will die;

we will behold the singes and  chars

of the heaven we were much promised

from a jesus christ of satan.

will he come back a jesus

with another heaven of lies and cries?

will he save us from this hell

for another of fires wilder?

one day.


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