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Sunday 11 December 2022

MY Greatest Regret in Life

My greatest regret in life

Sometimes I ask whether God is partial in nature

Sometimes I wonder while all this torture

While are mine not seeing dreams and opportunity coming closer

Does it mean that my world is telling me that I am a loser?

My greatest regret in life is not because of my dreams

It is because I am a citizen of a hopeless country?

A country were bad image and limitation have been place on an innocent citizens

A country were bloodshed is greater than national savings

What a country?

The only lucrative business is illegal act, yahoo, Fake pastors and churches, banditry, political Fraud

Native doctor have become a source of hope for young ones

Churches here! are higher than factories and industry, wow! what a lucrative business indeed

Government house has become a home for old men fraudulent act

While banditry, kidnapping, terrorist group have become a means of money circulation

If you not in any of these, then you are still an armature

What a country?

A country where hope is limited

A country where living in another country have become a source of safety

What a country?

A country where burial of talents have become a passion

A country fills with intimidations?

A country where you work for government with limited salary

A country that lack currency value

A country where a man work for government for 60-65 without a house of his own

A country where cost of living is rising per seconds

What a country?

A country where graduate turn to be bus drivers

A country that say education is the key but now I wonder where key is?

What a country?

A country where rights of the people are denial, abuse and defrauded

A country of hardship, hunger and poverty

What a country?

A giants of Africa but I tell you the truth starting up a life in another Africa country is better than this giant

A country of two double swords

Very dangerous in destructive

What a country?

A country where truth is not an option, if not tell me while my great grandfather is a president?

A country of no hope for his citizenry

What a country?

Oh how I wish I can grow winds to fly so far away, in search of new hope

Don’t question me,

If you doubt me, pray to God to let you come from my background, oh! What a poverty,

That you may taste a little bit,

I can’t wish my enemy this kind of life

Is indeed hell, No wonder

Show me a man in this country without illegal source of income

And I will tell you he not is a citizen of this country

He came from Europe, Asia, and America

Look at our educational system

Look at the world cup played, do you think I support them

I can’t support them because they have frustrated me

And I will frustrate them with my pen and paper?

I will frustrate them with my mind?

Let me borrow this word, we are living in a Zoo

Where we are treated like an animal

While will I support?

What a country?

My greatest regret in life, that is his name

A time of tears, agony and loneliness this I say from heart without playing game

Who did this to us I ask?

Is it colonialization, government or mentality?

Why are mine born here?

Is it not better than I am not in existent than to exist in this kind hell?

What if I did not make to heaven?

Where the society is pushing me like a wind

What if I find myself in a hell fire again after this country hell?

How will I describe my life?

They said life is meant to enjoy and not to endure

What will I do?

Should I join my mate or should I keep on searching for new hope?

Should I enjoy now and later cry in hell fire

Rather than experiencing hell and hell fire

Oh Lord have you abandon the innocent that want a decent life?

If it is not thy will, let this wind blow over me

I am still allowing you to solve it, because if I solve myself I will go hell fire with clear conscience

All I need is destiny helper to take me out from this hot water

This is indeed eating me up

I need cold water to quench it

I have been having sleepless night, hear me now or don’t hear me again

I cry because of intimidation, humiliation, discrimination, favoritism and connection of powerful elite in my country

All I need is to have a little celebration of my life

They said I am lazy

I refuse that phenomenon

I am not lazy

I cannot just do it

Take me out and I will show them how talented I am

I have a country but I am not proud to said it out

What a shame?

I am always ashamed to see my country flag talk more of to hold it in my hands,

Anytime I want to search for my country I will start from the button

Because I know that is where they belong

Chai! No wonder a lot of limitation in my online business

Tell me a man who is proud of this country

And I will tell you how corrupt he is?

The truth they said can never been hidden under the sun

Unless we start rebuilding our structure

Until the day of repentance

Then we can find the truth

You cannot walk faster than your own shadows

All I wish is more out of my life

But my environment, society and country cannot give it to you

Even when you want to do it and create it yourselves

It is full of frustration and destructive

So stop wondering while a lot of brain drained

The environment, society, country has fail

What a country I live in

This is my letter

 My greatest regret in life

What a county?


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