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Friday 6 January 2023

The Blank Book

three hundred and sixty five pages book
this syllable with twelve scenes
each scene with four acts at least
read with determination
though nobody knows the end
it's known only by the author

I try reading all the pages
word by word from intro-
through the appendix
version by version both the old
the more I try to catch up the words
they disappear and the faster time flies
hoping to understand the past,
present and future more
yet the result's always different

interpreting the meanings
takes wisdom and patience
discipline and positivity
grace and hard labour
the portrayment of this book
refer to our daily struggle
at least what we are is written

the prayer of all readers
is that the new book
gives hope and blessings
love and harmony
wealth and breakthrough
to any who cross-open over
and with a positive mentality
new book, new life, new revolution.


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