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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Love, what have you done?

Oh! What has love done for me?
Oh! What has love done to me?
You are the reason I go nuts by the day
You are the reason all the way
From the depth of my heart I love you
To the neath of the stars
It has always been you, just you alone my love
My love for you has grown strong and old and will never be cold
My love for you glitters like the moon and the stars in the sky
Oh! What has love done for me?
Oh! What has love done to me?
I've never imagined why your charm will harm the Queen of hearts, wanting to be armed by all King of hearts
I've never imagined that my feelings will glow and never be blown
You are the cause of my heart injury
You are the cause of it all
You are the reason my heart bleeds and refuse to wipe its tears
Oh! What has love done for me?
I thought you'll be the reason I smile from a mile. I thought you"ll be the reason I tend to live for a while
I never knew you'll be the essence of my headaches all the long
Day and night I crave for your love
A glimpse of your touch will make me whole again, but you never did hold me even for once
Why should I be wrong in my thoughts?
Why should I be drugged by your love? 
Oh, how could that be?
That you never felt the pain in my brain which drain and took my breath away
Oh! What has love done for me?
Oh! What has love done to me?
Love has made me weary and dry like the rivers of the old 
Love has turn my world upside down like the waves of the sea
My mind travels to the land of imaginations because of the craze for love
My mind like the fruit of the palm tree for sure it is going nuts
Love care less when I'm here but wants me there
 It gives me a story to share and tell like that of a fairytale
Oh! What had love done again? 
You make me sick and tired, even though I am wired by you
Most times I feel like letting go just to know that it is over but I refuse to be discouraged by the rage I feel within
When shall I see such a love that is pure and sure? When shall I see a love that will make me the gold in the mist of all fold? When will you make me bold?
For I long to be loved back
It will give me hope to endure the things I displeasure
Oh! When shall I see the love of my life? 
I pray for that day to come soon so as to fly to the moon with thee
In my grave, I wish to be brave
To be free from the endless torture of your wretched love; to be free from psychological attack
I wish to free the mind from pain because you never understood the rhythm that was made
Oh! What has love done for me? 
Oh! What has love done to me?
I cried endlessly each day to die in your arms, just to be told of the same old story
I wanted to be pricked by the feelings we shared; I never knew you pretended to love and care. Why should you dare to near me?
Why are you this heartless? 
I took all the blames for your games because I thought it was my time for fame
I did all that because I was blinded by love, so I ignored the plays you displayed
Oh! What has love done for me? 
Oh what has love done to me? 
I realized that no matter what you did to me, it can never change the feelings for you
Because the love I have for you is true
One time in my life did I feel joy, peace and strength! Never have I loved this way
I'm grateful you showed me the way
You are my first and last
You are my sense of joy
You will always be my everything in my everyday
Thank you for making me who I am today
Of course I learnt my lessons
I'm happy you taught me for years
And now, I'm a woman without fears!


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