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Friday 22 March 2024

Ghetto Evangelist

Snitch to stitch


Stitch to snitch:

Snitches get stitches!


Nice guys

nice up

High hilled mamaras

hooked up

And infant thugs

Preaching ghetto gospel:

Backer years

when men were men

System men run things

And Jewmen fall mugu

But days and days

are not the same.


Things are hard

Hustling no pay

Men no get joy –

Bam bam dam,

Hold them stand!

First Families of Virginia

And parasitic niggers

Rumbadown the street

with Kala.


Silver or lead!

The street is not friendly

but the best of friend:

No fatherhood

No motherhood

Only brotherhood.



The street is full of

unfriendly friends!

Both the high and

the low, lowly

With lofty hearts,

It is the survival

of the fittest.



Trust no one

even yourself!

Don’t look back

like lot’s wife,

Observe, don’t loose-guard

You only know yourself.



Live and let

others live, all of them:

The Sigma male

and the Alfa woman,

Lovebombers that bombard

baby maddas and

mama men,

Sniffer dogs with their

‘white girl,’

Loaded and luded

Tightmen that ginger

the swaggers with ‘grass.’



Keep the golden rule:

A guy cannot guy a guy

But a guyman can guy

a guy to survive!

Never say never,

it could be you,

It could be anybody

on a very good day.



Don’t be a neutralist,

be in or out!

Don’t live on the

city fence.



Let your moderation

be known to all Idren

Stand for something

or fall for everything.

Don’t fall to learn!

Live to die


and die to live

for something.   


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