Temidayo Nwabueze

Biography: Raised in the heart of Benin city, yet always inspired by the beauty of nature, this poet has been writing since the age of 15. At 20 years young, i have already established a strong reputation as a wordsmith and storyteller, captivating audiences with their graceful words and vivid imagery. This poet’s enthusiasm for exploring the world around them is evident in my work. With their deep knowledge of history, geography, art, spirituality, and people, I expertly weave these elements together to create stories that capture the beauty of the natural world. I am especially passionate about the power of nature to heal and restore, and my writing is often used to encourage others to do the same. Not one to stay in one place for too long, I'm a poet that's always seeking out new places, faces, and experiences to inspire my craft. Whether it’s a hike on a scenic trail or a stroll through the bustling streets of my hometown, I never fail to find creative inspiration in my travels. An advocate for creative expression, I consider it my mission to share my passion for the written word and inspire others to do the same. With each published poem, I want to prove that true power lies in the beauty of nature, knowledge, and human connection.

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Temidayo Nwabueze
Friday 30 December 2022

For Mount Osin

O Light of life that shines so bright,

Perched atop Mount Osin's height,

Your love so warm and pure and true,

A ray of hope that shines on through.

In life's darkest moments of strife,

Your love brings true balance and light,

It's no wonder we feel so alive

In your presence, so free and so alive.

From your glorious peak, our souls ascend,

In search of peace and solace, no end,

Your hope and love like a beacon,

For all to come and be healed in.

You, the faithful companion of life,

Lead our steps through the winding strife,

Your light is a beacon of hope,

It guides us to a life of love and hope



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