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saviour peremoke
Monday 13 December 2021


My mind wonder as it been restless,
Pray thee remained, while I draw from my hearts depth.

Make haste, I was told for time waits for no one,
Death been inevitable, I welcome with open arms,
But to say I could do more than I have done,
And my lips a sorrowful song, like that heard on distant farms.
Born free, yet a slave, 
Not to someone, but to the values I had come to meet;
Tasted freedom, yet as one living in Chains’
Made and bound by the steels of ignorance.
I could do more than cries and complain,
For what is worse than sitting idle while in Agony;
Yet did they give it a name “DEMOCRACY”,
The very language our former masters used to agitate us;
Then set us free while unwise.


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