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Ben Ibim
Monday 20 May 2024


What are we still doing here

Waiting finally to be destroyed 

Bound absolutely by fear

Hopelessly sitting like ones condemned 

We need an escape plan


No guards to watch, this battle is within 

The enemy, like a weight holding us down 

So weak like ones severely beaten

Our will, the only strength we found

This be our escape plan


Why does it seem the enemy knows our plan

Raising oppositions to our every move

The more we press in, the deeper we drown

Nothing against the enemy, not a proof

It seems to be failing, our escape plan


How do we plead with the enemy 

Before we be totally wiped out 

Tearing down our entire armoury

Our will seem to be blocked out

Maybe a fault in our escape plan 


Now I see, no point in an escape plan 

Trying to escape whilst we were never bound

It's all in our heads, it just rang

Fear is a mirage, we just found 

We are the escape plan


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