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Yusuf Dauda
Saturday 26 June 2021



This eyes have I seen at the day

I never mind to see it delayed

For the mortal body isn't hard 

to decay;

The creator forged it with clay

Mortal!  we're all mortal 

We shall relinquish the earth without delay 

For all I fray is everlasting life in the 

Day; night falls with no relay.

In the twilight I shall call for peace 

with no delay; before my mortal

Body decay, for sin has eaten the

heart of men we must amend 

Our ways; for mortal we're and mortal 

Shall decay.

We must strife for peace to gain 

freedom again; for sin has kept

We bargain, unity and love is the 

gateway through the day; 

trumpet will soon sound in the day 

for no one will escape the wrath again. 


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