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Biography: I am a poet , a lover of beans and dodo

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Abiodun Oluwagbemi
Monday 15 April 2019


Faintest pen they say is mightier than the brightest BRAIN
Our country has no remedy for BRAIN-DRAIN
Despite the vigorous correction teacher makes with the CAIN
We still graduated walking jobless down the LANE

A good ship is known by the effort of the CAPTAIN
Our own captain and pirates remain PERTAIN
for how long will this suffering SUSTAIN?
When the whole cabinet are psychologically RESTRAIN
I think we need serious prayer on the MOUNTAIN

In my village, this is a phrase from one of the CHIEFTAIN
"When you go to school, success is ASCERTAIN"
But after university, why job scarcity? I cant EXPLAIN
But if you are hardworking your success is CERTAIN
Anyway we still have our culture to MAINTAIN

OH LORD deliver us from the VILLAIN
Who earnestly paint themselves as SAINT
After the loot, whats your GAIN?
No matter your confession to the CHAPLAIN
You will still burn in hell you won't be able to CONTAIN

Yahoo yahoo boys and our police now enjoys BARGAIN
Many people think our land is lost and can never be REGAIN
The masses and the middle class feel more of the PAIN
Our road side soldier collecting bribe too? that'S UNCERTAIN

How do you make 30Billion naira from people you ENTERTAIN?
Or can it be money from cyber crime and COCAINE
And you still have the effrontery to rate yourself like Oxlade CHAMBERLAIN
we all know you made your money through ritual and BLOODSTAIN

Police raid innocents and DETAIN
Constable? let the parent enter and pull off the CURTAIN
Madam we caught your child with some bad boys eating groundnut and PLANTAIN
BAIL IS FREE, But you need to roger us before he can be UNCHAIN
Nigerians, how i wish this colonization stops, we don't want it anymore, never AGAIN
...Past, Present and future of Nigeria in poetic metre...
Written by Abiodun Oluwagbemi


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