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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Monday 6 May 2024


Let's not brag about begging free Long gone are the days when tears would drop We no longer see the light at the end of a tunnel That s why our eyes are blinded to the truth As we became night crewers in this cold world Now we are x men with ragging hope with in I hope you will be able to tell Wat kind of poem this is We are like strange doctors who's ability will make you marvel We have no class rap ! Nor physician captains in America ???? Cause this is Zambia were we only see Mr Zambia And you vision cant see them unless u are a cyclops they delivered unsaid words of broken Promises Were we fight like Unlike Zulu in the battle of the mulatuzi river Fought for they're right They traded they're birth right ......... .....so think twice ...Take time to think twice, The haters of joy! I guess I missed the target In my taught and classes Looking round my world To see and hope! If joy I hope could be clapping In the means of foes! Hatred grips my grapes As I soar with sorrows! Finding way to walk from my mind to soul I saw a deep journey Tunneling down my dreams With saga and storms ..so let me reintroduce myself am the last of my kind I did die i just barred myself in the sands of time hoping some day that I will hear the truth see we were kings and Queens till we turned into slaves in our own houses ??? we are the really misfits we keep shape-shifting like mi stick but we missed the trick the only time we are hero's is when we dream . Cause reality is nothing but a dream ... Copyright ©?H2O ©? 2023


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