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Biography: I am just a lover of nature, art, a scavenger roaming the earth in search of good painting, sculpture, music, movie, poetry; and I try as much as possible to add mine for others like me to pick up. Life is too short to achieve all my big heart wishes to, but I just want to make my little contribution before death claims me.

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Omotayo Fatunbi
Thursday 23 February 2023


Seated across the railway line

Our body chemistry still responding

To the stimulation of palm wine

Together with rum in a perfect blending.

Me lighter in one hand

Me ganja in me other hand

Me getting high

While me inspiration comes from the Most High.

As me kon dey reach claro

Babylon dem show face

Na so me kon drop me claro

Boy, come see race!

The three big bottle of Guinness

Sit carelessly atop my table

Every drop, a drop of greatness

As I bury bottles under my table.

The soup is the best part

A hot plate of cat fish

That I skillfully devour

Part by part.

Soon to come is nature’s call

And all I need is a toilet

And with one finger in my throat

Half the drink with all the fish

Journeys down in one vomit.

So I squander my wealth and health

Then again at the break of dawn

Another reality to dawn on me

Is that of hangover that’ll deal with me.

#jogodo: drunkenness

(C) Fatunbi Omotayo


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