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Harvester Zachariah
Tuesday 21 May 2024


Every warrior had lost a single battle,

And killed on several wars,

But a great warrior has never lost,

He had always won all battles,

In different dimension;

His sword is shape than the teeth of a lion,

His sword can slay millions within a minute,

No one has never challenge him,

likewise step on his toes,

Nor disobeyed his command,

Many had fought with him,

And had the greatest regret of their lives,

His body is strong and solid as Iron,

His clothes are tick as Zebra skin,

His hair are like the lion hairs,

Oh the great warrior!

When he step on the ground,

There is a sound of earthquake,

People run for their lives,

To save their souls,

Warrior of all times,

Your eye are sharp like that of a dragon,

Which sees everything far and near,

His ears are sound speaker to the world,

That hears every single noise,

Un-challengeable and defeatable,

Mightier than Gorgonzola,

He had never shed any tiers,

Or bit his tongue,

But proved himself a great warrior.


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