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Abdulwaris Adebayo Abimbola
Thursday 27 May 2021

Shades of Penury

Every one in a panic mode 

Running helter skelter 

To welcome a child 

Three pairs were admitted 

Only a pair survived 


Gunshot and disaster 

In the delivery center 

The Victor still in the bloody pool

The invaders came with nothing cool 

Yet the victor survived the second coup


Under the shades of penury 

Where three square meal is a taboo 

Most people that stood up as Messiah

Are nothing but  a miscreant and a miser 

Who laid every ambush that I encounter 


After being exploited academically 

Which I discovered lately

Human are not meant to be trusted 

Many promises got bursted 

Almost get my own dreams shattered 

Alhamdulilllah!  I conquered.
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