Joyce Chinda

Biography: I'm seems like a regular way to introduce one's self but really that my name and I'm not the regular kinda girl..... anyways, I'm an agronomist....I love baking and I have always had a thing for writing so I'm not surprised I stood hopelessly in love with poetry.... don't blame me ......for the love of poetry and God majorly

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Joyce Chinda
Wednesday 16 June 2021



It doesn’t matter,

Lies I told myself

Tried to fit in so many times

World is a large place but words with no wisdom

Joy said I’m a sadist

Her extroverted world is too little to fit into my large personal space


Someone I have never really given a chance to express

Daniel says have fun but at same time be wise

I have been beaten thrice not twice

Happy I took my shots with Stephen but it backfired

Promise I’m not a slot

I have dealt with a lot

There was osborne, sizuwe and Micheal

I miss my friends

I know life is not for the weak

I’m on the rise to the peak

Really I’m not a sad being

Sizuwe said  care less

So this is me uncensored


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