Joshua Anayochukwu

Biography: Joshua Anayochukwu is a pensive young poet, who likes to write poems.

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Joshua Anayochukwu
Saturday 24 October 2020

Dirty Glasses

Slaves to their passions

Make Promises of Freedom

They fail to see their slavery

But claim to understand liberty

Blind leaders

With superb visions

Blind Masses

In-belief of illusions

We follow the leader

Who follows his desires

Leaders living their dreams

Masses in nightmares

At the weakest point 

We turn to Faith

Religion might have the answers

We pray for change 

But prayer is not enough

Redemption comes with a price

Fastings and offerings

Sacrifices and tithes

Hopeless people

With Blurry Futures

Failed Leaders

With Looted Treasures


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