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Isaac Dejimodo
Wednesday 22 February 2023

What love can do

I used to never ever believe in love

Until I saw this girl and then I knew I wasn't sure

And then I figured out to my twisted life there was more

I had this feeling for her.....a feeling so direct and pure

We used to talk till midnight sometimes even till 4

And now everyday I had a reason to walk out the door

Coz she was the only one that my feelings always could lure

We made plans lot even have kids by the shore

But then we broke up.....and now I cant sleep on my bed but I sleep on the floor

This new feeling....this heartbreak i wasn't sure I could endure

Depression I later would incure

Every moment my heart felt insecure

Still I tried looking for a cure

Through dark nights my mind took adventures

Multiple therapy sessions didn't one bit restructure

I always had my mind disfigured

All coz of love I felt disjunctured

And now i have to live with the fact that all my life I'll be malfunctioned


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