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Precious Orage
Monday 2 December 2019


My smile is so captivating that it can capture your heart

Leaving you with no doubt that it wasn't from my heart

It can be so nice and charming that you'll think it's for you; but sorry, it's not, please don't take it to heart

It's so tempting that you can't stop staring, and very sharp that most times I think it's sharper than a dart

It's meant for someone special, and I plead on a daily for her not to leave an empty space in my heart

I never knew the reality of my smile, not until she crossed and pranked me of leaving my path

That was when I knew she has always been behind my smile and if she leaves I'll be more like an empty berth

I call you My Angel, not because it's just a name but because you looks like one

We will always be one, even if one plus one(1+1) can never be one

But don't worry our combination will prove that equation wrong, and we'll forever live as one

Most times the texture of your hair makes my heart beat skip

You are so attractive that every guy you come across trip

Her eyes are so mind blowing that it can humble you

People said I'm crazy and blind for falling in love with you

Then I said to them that if letting you go would open my eyes and make me normal, I'll prefer being blind and crazy for you

But how you kept me blind on other girls is still a mystery because I know it's not in my nature

Well, that's why if I know my way to heaven I'll be on my way to compliment God for such a wonderful creature


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