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Biography: A poet who crafts out the art from anything although he is a science student 😃

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Japheth Obasi
Wednesday 20 January 2021

Abnormal man

A man I know

Who heads a crackling

Mud house built

On the cliff

Of an ancient ant hill.

The shrine speaks of

Him so often to Ezemmuo.

And Ezemmuo whispers

Aloud to us: "That man 

Has his head cat and rat!"

His children are sickly

With ricket and their

Teeths starve for meat.

They say each time I

Offer them a plate:

"Keep the plate and have us!"

This man I know

Fights for a portion

Of the kitchen with

Three house wives.

This man is a pot bellied

And fat stuffed in the

Flesh kind of man

Whose stomach is fatigued

With children plates.

He is a man who

Fills even his scrotum

With precious coins

And rumbles in rage:

"We should borrow!"

When the winds give

Birth to hurricane

Which makes love to tornado

This man sleeps on his mat

And let's his mud house

Dance with chaos.



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