Matthew Adewale

Biography: A lovely person with good sense of humour. Love poetry to the core and I major in political science. "A political sagacity is not a gireot esparility but is a jimbolical gimbolism."

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Matthew Adewale
Monday 1 April 2024

Nestled Dreams

Through windswept skies, the roost awaits,

Where shadows dance in twilight's embrace,

Each wingbeat whispers tales of fate,

As homeward bound, they find their place.

In fields of gold, the nest stands tall,

A haven sought when daylight wanes,

Where memories linger, voices call,

And weary souls shed earthly chains.

With beating hearts, the journey's end,

As twilight's hues blend into night,

In home's embrace, all wounds amend,

And stars above proclaim their flight.

So let us learn from birds in flight,

Their lesson clear, in sky's vast dome,

That every path leads to the light,

When we return to roost, our own.


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