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Eniola Jonathan
Friday 6 January 2023

New Day

I wake up in the morning, see the eagle soaring, thought it was gonna be boring, but no it will get me going

Giving out my chase

Making in this place

Letting go of my pain in this stressful case

Sent off the snail

Gonna hit the nail

Thinking of morrow when I get a grace hail

Coming to a day

When I will have my say

Rolling over in the set of a new day

It's a New Day

Yes it's a New Day

Walking not in stagger

Gonna keep my swagger

Living life sweetly like the eating of a burger

Remembering my sweet youth

Solving all I went through

Making it like a victor living a life so smooth

Always not like Monday

Relive all the Sunday

Thinking like a sabio doing the greatest today

It's a New Day

Yes it's a New Day


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