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Elizabeth Oramulu
Thursday 11 August 2022

The Extraordinary of the ordinary

The extraordinary are you and I 

The extraordinaries are warriors dressed in uniforms 

People ask " where are your swords and clubs?" I don't see any.

They are before your very own eyes.

They are our pens and never giving up attitude.

Most people are to blind to see that they are extraordinary.

Most people want a simple life.

They would always say "I just want a simple life. I want to marry and live a simple life . I am okay if I have the necessities of life."

But I am not okay , because I am extraordinary.

Call me a dreamer, call me a mystic.

But I am a warrior , I demand more from life.

I love to dream but, I love not to give up.

Am only a loser when I quit.

When the chips are down. My sword is up.

If you doubt me , then you doubt God.


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