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Sofiat Oladuntoye
Thursday 14 January 2021

"On a Good day"


On a good day, 

I shouldn't be here kneeling at his feet on  rough rocks,

Listening to his rage and rant restlessly.

With flood running down my eyes.

 On a good day,

I should have been in the kitchen,

Preparing heavenly meals for him,

With sweet smile shinning on his face,

As he sings my praise.

On a good day,

I should be worshipped like the saint i am,

And not whipped like a slave over a sin i never sinned.

On a good day,

I should be bold and brave

And not weak like a weakling,

Shaking ceaselessly in front of him like a cold hen in cold days.

On a good day,

I should have been his spouse,

And not his spinster.

So,if today is not a good day

When will the good day come?

©@Oladuntoye Sofiat Oluwadamilola



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