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Nsikakabasi Essenowo
Thursday 28 January 2021

Lone Wolf


I was told by my park

That my energy is just another rag

So I decided to pack

I move into a land of abundant lack

My once precious fur took the resemblance of a wack

My flesh are filled with cracks 

Every glory I ever knew sounds like a nag


In amidst, I growl 

For a rescue from the sheol 

The only soothing night comfort is the screams of the owl 

If I make it out whole 

I'm not sure I'll heal from this heart hole 

Pain after pain my strength was made out of a forbidden mole


Today in myself I find solace 

Lacking what to chase

I realize it was never a race

So I simply work on my survival pace

Fast or slow it doesn't make a case

This is only but a phase 

I know smiles will return to this lonely face



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