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Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Saturday 28 March 2020

The world has gone to war

The world has gone to war;

And no single bullet was shot on battlefields,

Casualties lying on hospital beds,

As we sit at home waiting-

The victory.


The world has gone to war,

And we don't know when he would be back,

No cinema for me and my lover,

No jazz in the blue-lighted hall,

No Karaoke in my noisy neighbourhood.

The world has gone to war;
And it is all man for himself, 
The chicken came home to roost
No one could be flown abroad 
We either live or die here together. 

The world has gone to war,
No halleluyah on Sabbath in St. Peters.
Minaret silent on the day of Jumaat.
When I shake hand with my brother
I've got to rush home and wash my hand.

The world has gone to war,
Needles between  doctors' fingers,
War neither with nuclear nor kalashnikov.
We chase not terrorists or invaders,
It is a war with a tiny virus.


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