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Otokini Jaja
Sunday 17 September 2023

Who I Love

Who I love, I love,

I didn’t choose to but I just do,

True I thought it to be wrong but love can’t be wrong,

Cause it just feels good and beautiful,

It seems the sun just started smiling again at me,

For all my souls craves is just to be with love,

It hurts not to be able to hold love but to look at love walk by,

For it’s more than a break in the heart, it’s a quake,

I love who I love, who I love, loves who isn’t I,

I cried but the pain wouldn’t just walk away,

Even though I can sale this feeling, I wish not to,

For it would only lead me back into darkness, sadness and emptiness,

So I own it, it’s love but all I feel is pain.


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