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Chichebem Ugwu
Wednesday 4 July 2018

...By myself

I live alone in my small house

All lonely my myself


And when I make a lovely meal

I eat it by myself


And if I find a funny cause

I laugh all to myself


And if by chance I feel some pain

I feel it by myself


Even now that I write this poem

I’m writing by myself


And if it’s good I cannot tell

Because I’m by myself


And if I find it hard to sleep

I stay keen by myself


And as a boy without brethren

I played, but with myself


And when I feel the urge to speak

I talk all to myself


E’en when I keel to pray to God

I pray all by myself


I talk a walk out o’ my house

And I see for myself


That I alone must face the world

And face it by myself




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