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Thursday 20 January 2022

My Story of Southern Kaduna

Southern Kaduna bleed,

The sad Reality with Lamentation, 

Months with mockery 

Philanderer is second to non,

Men follow slim skimpy skirts

Rather than skills acquisition,

Graduate drink to stupor, 

Children smoke weeds and burn their dreams to ashes..

The Sad Reality with Lamentation...

Retired civil servant turn to excessive drunkard, beer parlor becomes their base.. young ladies trade their bodies for fish..they fished for the bills to pay..their right sold out like a salt, very cheap without a taste..

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

Cultures forgotten.

Our tribes is unknown beyond, 

One language to the North, 

Others are land occupied, 

The Sad Reality With Lamentation...

Children grow up with different norms, they desire sexual Satisfaction and forget spiritual salvation..

Scholars scurrilous...

Institution to destitution...

Homes to homicide.

Villages insecured....

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

The high profile dumb, their wealth is for family consumption...societal needs forgotten, luxuries display conspicuously..Selflessness found not....tribes divided in conflict without harmony. Our communities remain slavish...

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

Mindset still remain thesame, 

What's your tribe?.

Where are you from?..Is the first question before a conversation...

Hypocritically religious, wicked and darkened mind with impurity.

No marriage amongst the different tribes, conflict ravaged. Slavish we remain without harmony.

My Southern Kaduna Story.


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