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Yusuf Dauda
Monday 21 June 2021

Modern Marriage.

Modern Marriage.


For better for worst Adaku kissed Ella with a deep thought of love and matched her to the alter, joyfully forgotten the old tradition of the African's culture; I sight the Bright and Groom in a glamorous space, having an air of allure, with a romantic smiles which covered the reality of the race;

Indeed is a race! a crown has never been  won in the race till dead; the plight seems so easier in the eyes of Adaku and Ella at the alter; embracing the western garment is just her pride but forgotten the traditional way of life in Africa.

Africa oh! Africa sweet home of liberty your tradition is beautiful, sweet and charming but override by the western ragae, Adaku sworn an allegiance to Ella, in just a glimpse he dance to the western modern tone,

Ella smile to a broken glasses with a deep thought over her ex-lover tears dripping on her face but is two late to bring back the olden days clock to its settings.




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