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Saturday 12 June 2021

The fresh beginning

The Fresh Beginning

It's fresh! oh yes it's fresh!

I can see it's fresh!

What a moment I beckon to say hello!

On a beautiful beginning, to welcome

This laurel which sparkle smiles on the face of 

Human race?

It's a fresh beginning, fresh morn her voice wake me up at the northwestern city of Kano, with

A melodious song ah! I contemplated I thought I was in heaven cause the sound seems likely to the heavenly  host I pulse 

But then, I realized is a choral concert at the redeem church under the umbrella of the NCCN.

Ah it's still fresh when she presented the song "Sweet Sweet Spirit" as her first gift

Could this be the feelings of love? I pounder upon years after years I realized the seed is still growing more and more,

I have no choice than to place a proposal 

Will you marry me? She smile and and look at the face of the earth and throw away the vision as she thought is just a joke.

Still while is still fresh I made her understand that every serious vision start with a play and she bless the word and says Allah ya taimaka.


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