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Tuesday 18 October 2022

Letter To A Young Man

Soon, your hand will wear the ring

And the next chapter of your life begins...

You remind me of my wedding:

The day I said "I do"

But with grey hairs

And a sad heart 

This is what I have to say:

Marry a woman who stays

When the hard times comes 

A woman who can hold your hand

And say, for better or worst 

I'll always be your fan...

When life brings you cold

And set backs and disappointed hits you hard

You need a woman to keep you warm,

A woman to give you strength 

To carry on

Marry a woman with humility

To say I'm sorry

A woman whose words

Can heal your wound

And not make it worst...

When life loses it's meaning

And becomes boring and sad

You need a woman

To give life a meaning,

And bring you happiness and smile

The strength of a gadget 

Does not lie in the beauty of it's casing

But in the degree of it's capacity

So also,

The functionality of a woman

Does not lie in the beauty of her body

But in the fibre of her character 

Marry a woman 

Built with resilience,

A woman who won't break

When the storm blows, 

But can bend like a tree

To adjust and strategize,

Rebounding with strength

To make your dream come alive

Marry a woman 

With whom you can build a home,

So, when work closes at dusk

You're eager to go home,

Cos there's no place like home

Marry a woman 

That draws you closer to God...

When the future looks gloomy

And without a silver lining

When your reality is shattered

And you don't know what to do,

You need a woman 

Who can hear from Heaven,

To speak the mind of God

Marry a woman who accepts you

Someone who respects you,

A woman who gives you peace of mind!

Marriage at best is very brief...

Marry a woman 

Who makes matrimony so beautiful

That you never want death 

To put it apart! 

The height of your success 


The depth of your downfall,

Depends on the woman you marry


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