Benedict Ugor

Biography: A writer, artist and poet. Philosophical. "I love my world: Pen and Paper."

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Benedict Ugor
Wednesday 11 January 2023


After endless ruminations without an answer,

I cast a desperate look in the face of another:

"Tell me," I said. "How do you feel Human?"


I guess he repeated the question in his mind

For his eyes seeming blind,

He stared blankly into space

And began to walk about the place

In a grimace and twitch of nose and face

For what seemed the toughest question of all his days.


Soon he bent his head low

And his back formed a bow

This rather showed he did not know.


"How do you feel Human?" I asked again, this time loud and slow.


The fellow,

Looking quickly up at me

Was now both puzzled and confused.

He began to mutter something strange like an answer;

His voice, shaky from doubt

And his tone bold from sham.


"I...I..feel Human," he began. "Because...because I have thoughts and...and I see other Humans walk and...and I too can walk and do what other Humans do." He paused, looked up at me and ended with a quick nod.


I narrowed my gaze to the pupil of his eyes

And analyzed his confused lies;

Perhaps, I thought, he was as confused and troubled as I was

For what he said did not answer my question:


"How do you feel Human?"


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