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Wednesday 20 January 2021

and then i left the room

it has grown dark in here

amidst the voices raised

and the claims laid out in print

so i stood up and walked 

round this table 

from behind the man without a face

covered head to toe with red slips

around the man with the briefcase

that landed with force

and a weary face

I walked round the vultures silently

waiting for the carcass

and the hyenas baring their fangs

I took note of the executioner

standing in a corner with a long ax

and a darker cloak

I walked round the table

and wrote the debts out on the wall

one stroke for money in bags

one line for a life 

and a dot for a frown or a smile

The walls filled up

with strokes and lines and dots

and the darkness grew in here

and then I left 

through the door that remained open

to look at the lone pigeon

standing on the ledge 

together we sat on the ledge 

pecking away at the scales on our feet

as the sun came out to dry our wings

I grew wings as the dew fled

and filled my lungs with the throbbing rays

and i left with the pigeon

away from the strokes and lines and dots

and the claimants waiting in the dark room.

I left the room 

With the pigeon calling his friends from nearby trees

We all saluting the sun

And gulping the fresh air 

Free from the debts and claims

In the dark room getting darker. 

(Also posted here https://agadapoetry.blogspot.com/2021/01/and-then-i-left-room.html)


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