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Sunday 10 June 2018

The Female of our species

The female of our species
Eve's progeny 
A world of delicacies carved delicately
The Divine hand being the chef who prepared her life
An array of pleasantness that words prove inarticulate

she was born from man's bosom
to guide, to love,to help to love
Oh! the beauty she holds
In what we have called feminine as to describe her possibly in one word
Her grace Her strength
Her beauty, her care

The female of our species is the reason for the word beautiful
No one would afford the male of our species that word
But a woman is the very atom of that word
In all her being, molecules of perfection perfecting the word beautiful
An archive of inspiration
For humanity long we have hacked on, at the gold mine of her inspiration
A never ending resource for inspiration

She is the flowering counterpart of society
the rose of Sharon
the Lily of the valley
A semi of Christ she is 
She is the Revelation of him we Christians call beautiful
The constituent which wraps us in an affectionate atmosphere and makes us cry when we worship him

The female of our species was made for communion
No other one would offer you such homogenic communion
When God created her he defined what she should be

A largesse from him
To show man his unparalleled love for him

Her face was to be a mirror reflecting the countenance of his love
Her arms were to calm
Her mind a place for the dwelling and mixing with the Male of her species in the beauty of intercourse
For not only the body has intercourse
The body was for love 
A delight for her love
Given for the actualization of love
In the volcanic eruption of the pairing of love

As Solomon admonished in this light 
"Delight in the wife of your youth
A lovely deer
a graceful doe
Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times and be thou lost always with her love"

Encouraging wanton love In the rules of God
Who is love

And the power she brings in her presence
One look and joy permeates our presence

The female of our species is the evidence of love 
An Amber of softness
A Rife tree, offering protection
Spreading her branches ever so beautifully as she goes on
A guard we shouldn't do without

I miss the female of our species
I think God misses her too
And so does man

The female of our species has been targeted by the devil in that ignominious fall 
his age long fall
He wishes her downfall
For her downfall is our fall

Since she is the cradle of society
The womb of life
The tunnel to life
The assurance of tomorrow
The comfort of our species

Oh! the female of our species
Degraded, insulted, belittled, shamed

Wandering about in the casing of her entity 
 Wondering who she is
Society has altered her part
Their opinion shouldn't be her lamp
For she doesn't exist to serve man

The female of our species
As delicate as the rose petals
As resilient as the ebony tree
As magnificently iridescent as the rainbow in pleasantness
We are to be filled with all her loveliness

Yet body material are we possessed 
And love's decline we have witnessed
The female of our species
whose fault is it ?
For she isn't as she should be


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