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Khadijah Augie
Monday 22 May 2023


I was nearly broken by him 

He was supposed to love me 

He was supposed to be my strength 

He was the man I gave everything to 

He was the the man I relied on 

He was supposed to be my person

He was the man I gave my trust to 

He was supposed to be mine 

He doesn’t want to be mine and in his twisted mind he doesn’t want me to be with anyone else either

How could you do this to me?? After everything we’ve been through together?? I was so blind because all the signs were there, I turned a blind eye to them because i wished you would be different with me, that what we have between us is different and that we are strong enough to get through everything together.

But I guess I should wake up from that day dream, I should wake up to the reality that not everything i wish for is going to come true, God!!! sometimes letting go hurts so bad but i have to do it.

I am supposed to hate him, I am supposed to hate the very thought of him but I don’t.


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