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Victor Ogan
Saturday 27 February 2021


We sing their praises

They curse our very existence

We are One we say

The only reason they'll stay United is in order to suck and crush us down to our very bones

We love and receive them with open arms

They hate our very sight, hacking us to pieces with every chance

We are human

Being a snake was the closest they came to being human

To us pricking our fellows with a finger nail is bad

To them, if your not one of their kind indeed a chicken is more honourable

It's no use

Why force love were there is none

Why create family ties where there are no blood ties

Are we not fools

Standing up for them in the crowd

Watching their very backs

While they dig a pit for us to fall into

Some of us have woken up

We've understood the times

It's Time to move on

Sadly, the majority don't see it that way

They still believe in a humanity that is lost

A civilization long buried at the foundations of the world

Salvation last seen before the first word of the Bible was written

There's no coming back for these people

They've undergone evolution

They've metamorphosed unlike any man

A certain mutation

From Man to a strange beast

A beast with no beating heart

If stone filled its place, it would have been better

But it's empty, lacking that facility which could have been softened

Indeed the writings are clear as the blue sky

We are not one

We are not family

And there should be no love between us

We should have a distance between us as far as the East is from the West

It's the only way we can stay alive


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