Matthias Pantaleon

Biography: Playwright | Poet | Lyricist | Hymnist | Stage Director| Art Connoisseur | Entrepreneur

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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

A Million Charms

If you love me
You must agree with my many flaws
Bend the sky
Just when I need to pluck a star or two

There are women the world over
In need of a knight in shining armour
However, I am only but one woman
Though lofty; in need of her own shield 

And whether I wear me a shield 
Or ride on the wings of my own courage
I would need no hand-holding
Over these plains, as I see before me

So, if you love me
You must respect my crown 
As I am bound by honour 
To respect yours
Treat me as an equal
Whether or not I bow
Before you as my king
Would be entirely my choice

And you must make me 
Your one and only believer 
Over a million heathens
In my darkest moment
You must stand in the light 
Right where 
I can see your hands of all hands

But first 
You must agree with my many flaws
Though I am but one woman
One woman with a million charms


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